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Allelopathy between seeds of the Ulex L. and Genista L. Genera

Nascimento Franco, J.D., Rubido-BarĂ¡, M., Horjales-Luaces, M., Reigosa M.J.*

Plant Biology and Soil Science Dep., Faculty of Biology, University of Vigo.
* Corresponding author:


Ulex europaeus, Ulex gallii, Ulex micranthus, Ulex minor and Genista triacanthos seeds collected at the Campus of As Lagoas, Marcosende, at the University of Vigo, were used in a series of experiments to check the competition between the five species, checking the effect of density. Results demonstrate that allelopathic effects are stronger between Ulex species, and the effects were density-dependent. The role of Allelopathy in the interactions between species was limited, but it could add to other competition effects (water, space, nutrients).

Keywords: Allelopathy, competition, density, Ulex europaeus, Ulex gallii, Ulex micranthus, Ulex minor, Genista triacanthos, germination, growth.

RECEIVED: September 15, 2016
ACCEPTED: May 26, 2017

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